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PPsafety is a powerful free personal defense APP. As a product of self-defense, relying on accurate positioning, notification of message in time, PPSafety can provide the help you need at the first time when in danger. You can use PPsafety to findnow where they are. As a multifunctional self defense tool for girls, there are also some useful gadgets, like self defense flashlight, fake voice chat and fake call etc. When you organize travel plans in tripit, but your parents think that you may in danger. Also you can sharing your location to your friends & families let them feel at ease.
When you are walking home alone after work, always feel that there is someone following you? Do you afraid that you won’t be able to take out your mobile phone and ask for help? If you are worrying about that, PPSafety must be one of your best choices. In case of danger or in other situation unknown, just with a click, and PPSafety will provide the help you need.
Main functions:
- You can add your families, boyfriend or best friends to be your emergency contacts. When you ask for help for self protection, they will receive the message of alarm at the first time.
- You can preset a duration that you need to be protected, and PPSafety will continue to uses state-of-the-art GPS location data to report the realtime whereabouts of your family. After the end of the pre-setting time if you don’t end the program, PPsafety will automatically send a SMS to your emergency contacts.
- In case of emergency, PPsafety will automatically activate the recording function of the phone. It records the sounds and provides an evidence for the police if there is something unexpected.
- PPsafety provides also other useful self-defense tools. Don't be panic if you are in danger. You can use the tools of PPSafety such as pretend chatting, self defense flashlight, and fake voice chat etc to help. To delay the time and wait until the rescue arrives.
- If you can't speak in an emergency situation, you can use PPsafety to send a text message to your emergency contacts with on click. PPsafety allows to preset the alarm content, location information and other important information that you want to send to your emergency contact.

Statement of Security Operations of PPsafety continuous monthly
1. Subscription Period: One month
2, Subscription Price: 3.99 yuan per month
3. Payment: The user confirms the purchase and payment is credited to the itunes account
4, Cancel the renewal: If you want to cancel the renewal, please manually turn off the auto-renewal feature in Itunes/apple ID settings management before it is scheduled to expire 24 hours
5. Renew: Apple itunes account will be debited within 24 hours prior to expiration, subscription and cycle extended for one months after successful deduction
6. Privacy Policy:
7, Continuous monthly service agreement: