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PPG Flyer

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PPG Flyer

PPG Flyer is a navigation tool for Powered Paragliding for your iPhone. It displays your current location on a map with other vital information such as altitude, ground speed, and course. PPG Flyer has a powerful navigation feature that directs you back to your launch point or to waypoints you can set prior to your flight. This app also include a complete flight log system that records all of your flights and even lets you play them back.

PPG Flyer also includes a Watch OS app for your Apple Watch that can work in conjunction with the iPhone app or as a standalone app to give you vital information while you are flying.

- Complete display of data including altitude, ground speed, course, flight duration, climb rate, and course back to launch point or waypoints.
- Advanced route planning with selection of multiple waypoints.
- Automatic logging of all flights with ability to playback flights.
- Export flights in GPX format.
- Automatically will show all pictures taken during your flight with geotagging.
- Watch OS app that can work independently or in conjunction with the iOS app.
- Works in the background and tracks your flight even when the app is not active.
- Works in both portrait or landscape.
- Video tutorial.
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