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Powerwall Monitor

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Powerwall Monitor

This is a Tesla Powerwall monitoring app, for iPhone and Apple Watch.

See what your Tesla Powerwall is doing at any time, just by glancing at your phone, or wrist! You can launch the app to view an animated display of live data (updated every 10 seconds while it's open), or add a complication to your watch face so that you always know how much battery you have left. Note that complications aren't allowed to refresh as often, so that will update roughly every 30 minutes if you add one.

The app displays solar, battery, grid and home power usage as well as how much charge is left in your Powerwall.

There's two main items in the app, showing live power data as well as a daily summary total telling you how much solar you've generated, home power used and how much grid power you've imported and exported.

Some recent updates: in version 1.4, this support was added for solar only installations. In version 2.5, we added support for multi-site installations. As of version 2.6, this app now uses the official Tesla API as well.

We use this app personally every day and will endeavour to keep it up to date and add more features over time.

A Tesla Powerwall or a Tesla Solar Installation, and Tesla account are required to use this app. This app supports Tesla's official API, and doesn't see or store your username or password at any point. This app contains no first or third party tracking whatsoever. We take great care to respect your privacy and your data remains your data.

This app is not made or endorsed by Tesla. It's built by nerds who couldn't get enough of watching that mesmerising Powerwall animation and wanted it on their watches.
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