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by Zysco
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by Zysco
Tired of constantly switching between Apps to manage your basic needs at Home? PowerHouz brings it all together in one simple and intuitive user interface to simplify your experience and put you in control of your life at Home. PowerHouz is the only App available to integrate:
- Home Automation
- Calendars and Reminders
- Weather Forecast
- Security Monitoring
- Night Stand
- Activity Rings and Sleep Tracking
- Communication with residents, neighbors, emergency and home services

Home Automation:
Built upon the Apple HomeKit Standard, PowerHouz is compatible with any HomeKit Accessory. It lets you operate your lights, doors, thermostats and any other accessories with one of the most advanced and simple user interface. Easily set up scenes, grouping or alerts and using iCloud, seamlessly synchronize the information on all your iOS Devices.

Security Monitoring:
Save hundreds of dollars per year by using our integrated Security Dashboard which lets you monitor your house at a glance and show the status of all your HomeKit Accessories in real time. In case of an intrusion or emergency, PowerHouz let's you activate a security protocol triggering a custom Home Automation Scene, sending a Neighbor Watch alert and getting the emergency service phone number ready for you to call.

Night Stand:
At night, the Security Dashboard turns into the ultimate Night Stand. By simply tilting an iPhone or iPad on a night stand, PowerHouz automatically triggers a complex sequence of actions. Without even the touch of a button, PowerHouz will execute a scene of your choice (closing doors, lights, turning on the alarm...), it will start recording your sleep time in HealthKit and set itself in a low light dashboard to let you monitor your entire house at a glance. In case of an incident like a window opening, a leak or smoke detection, PowerHouz will wake you up immediately for you to take action.
In the morning, as you wake up and pick up your device, PowerHouz will automatically trigger the Morning routine scene, record the sleep time in HealthKit and go back to its regular display.

Calendar, Reminders and Weather:
Fully integrated with the iOS Calendars and Reminders, PowerHouz lets you view your information and edit or create new items directly from the App. The Home Dashboard also includes the Weather Forecast to make it the ideal companion for your Kitchen counter and will stay on as long as it is plugged to the wall.

Activity Rings and Sleep Tracking:
PowerHouz displays your Activity Rings on the Home Dashboard (iPhone Only) so that you can keep track of your progress and stay active. At night, the Night Stand mode automatically record your sleep time and save it to your HealthKit information.

Communication Module:
PowerHouz offers a unique Communication module entirely focused on your needs at Home. It includes your house residents, neighbors as well as the home and emergency services so that you don't have to sort through your enitre address book. It lets you email, text, call or Facetime in one tap and even send predefined group alerts like "Dinner Time" or "Neighbor Watch Alert".

PowerHouz is a Universal App that seamlessly works on iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple Watch.

Simplify and Empower your Life with PowerHouz, Get it Now!

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*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. A set up is available in PowerHouz to disable the GPS for better battery performance.