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Power Harassment Recorder Lite

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Power Harassment Recorder Lite

So that you can start recording quickly and easily
It has a function to start recording when the set trigger is detected.

● Three types of recording start methods (can be set in duplicate)
1. Tap the screen 3 times (fixed number of times)
2. Press the volume UP button
3. Operate from apple watch

● You can notify the start of recording by e-mail (only one destination)
● Notification of recording start by vibration (OFF setting and vibration pattern selection are also possible)
● You can select to show / hide the red dots indicating that recording is in progress.
● One recording time is 5 minutes (fixed)
● Up to 3 recorded data can be retained
● You can set the waiting time without sleeping
● The number of taps to release waiting is fixed at 3
● Device authentication can be used
● It is impossible to hide advertisements

* The function that is described as "Pro" on the setting screen and is grayed out is installed in the paid application "Power Harassment Recorder".