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PotholeSnitch displays a map which is centered on your current location. You can drop pins on as many distinct locations as you like. For finer accuracy, you can drag the pins as needed to their precise locations.

With the PotholeWatch extension, you can easily add snitches from your Apple Watch and email from your iPhone at a later time.

To post your snitch, touch the Report! button on your phone. PotholeSnitch will construct a template email for you.

Emails include a brief description of each issue, including the GPS location, time, and street address for all pinned snitches. A single link is included that gives driving directions to all the issues so that the authorities know exactly where to find them.

Even though its name is PotholeSnitch, you can snitch on more than potholes. Report broken streetlights, illegal dumping in a remote area that has few landmarks, road-kill, dangerous situations (e.g., road debris or flooding), or just about anything you think is appropriate that isn't an absolute emergency.

Be a Snitch! It's an easy way to be a good citizen!
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