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Positive Day Mantra

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Positive Day Mantra

Do you need a positive sentence or an affirmative statement to get the right motivation for all the day?

Would you like to be inspired by a suggestive background music with a nice voice reading essential sentences for you?

You found the right app for you! Every time you open the app or you look at the Today notification area you'll get a wonderful positive maxim for you.

The app can read the sentence for you or you can activate the playback mode. In this way a relaxing and inspiring background music and a random sentence will be red to you. You can close the app and the background music and voice will go on.

Put on your earphones and enjoy our positive, motivating, inspirational mantra. Relax. Meditate. Get positive feelings. A musical crescendo specifically thought to conduct you along different stadium of meditation up to a relaxing end.

If you own an Apple Watch you can read our positive and motivational sentences also on your watch.

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