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PORTL Fitness

by Portl
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PORTL Fitness

by Portl
Portl Studio is the World’s most advanced Smart Home Gym. The Portl companion app allows the registered members of the Portl platform to access the features of the Portl Studio.

Portl Members have exclusive access to a wide variety of Fitness and Wellness services on the Portl companion app.

1. Personalized, On-Demand and Live Workouts

Choose from hundred’s of personalized workouts across multiple formats such as HIIT, Dance Fitness, Strength, Endurance, Cardio and Self-Defense etc. Access classes on-demand and join live instructor-led sessions from the convenience of your home. Receive real-time, exercise form feedback while you workout to constantly improve your technique and keep growing stronger.

2. Nutrition Coaching

Receive nutrition recommendations and access our library of nutrition and habits-building podcasts and videos to build consistency within your nutrition regimens.

3. Mental Wellness

Receive and participate in mental wellness classes led by our world-renowned team of Psychologists. From Anxiety, anger management to work stress, and multiple other mental health-related topics, our members can access these sessions on-demand and also schedule one-on-one sessions with our practitioners.

4. Pain Management & Mobility

Curated and personalized sessions for pain management are updated daily for our members. Specialized mobility classes are available for all users to improve their overall flexibility on-demand.

5. The Portl Watch App synchronizes with the Portl Fitness Companion Mobile App to read and transmit a user's Heart Rate information while executing a workout session.
This information is used to monitor a user's workout intensity and helps Portl provide more personalized programs.