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by Orsome
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by Orsome
Here is the app you want to let you quickly see at a glance exactly how your portfolio is doing today. App shows current price, recent activity on a chart and most importantly, the actual change in value of your holdings.

Step 1. Enter shares you hold, or want to follow from any exchange across the world
Step 2. Type in the number of share you hold
Step 3. There is no Step 3 !

Also make sure you go into the 'Today View' in the notifications centre and add in the today widget for PortfolioWatch so you can satisfy your obsessive compulsive urge to lookup your net worth at a swipe of a finger.

Complete support for the Apple Watch, including a glance view to see current profit, a breakdown of individual shares at a single tap, then drill down to even see a chart of perforce this last week, all without taking your phone out of your pocket. That is O for Orsome !