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Poop Tracker Diary

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Poop Tracker Diary

Intestinal health is the first element of good health!
The first step in health starts with your poop~

-【Poop tracker】
Most people track heart rate, blood pressure, pace, weight, and calories for health care, but blood, urine and feces are the basis for medical examinations. 【So it is very important to record every stool situation! 】

-【Poop analysis】
Poop is the product that can most directly see the subtle changes in the body with the naked eye. The digestive state and body warning signs will be expressed through various odors. 【Color/shape/Smell/Weight/Bloodstain/Pain...etc can also be photographed and stored】

-【Poop reminder】
Remind your bowel movements every day to develop a good habit of regular bowel movements. 【Daily note, how much do you know about your poop? 】

Application features:
- "Poop widget" to easily record the time and situation of defecation every day
- "Accurate Timekeeping" does not require continuous use of the mobile phone when pooping
- "Multiple choice of color/texture" meets the selection needs of different attributes because of the different attributes of the front and back sections
-"Poop Photo Recording" to check the status of poop later
-"Poop Overtime Reminder" The longer the stool time, the more dangerous it is
-"Reminder for poop daily"

"When you go to the toilet, take a look at the poop then records, develop a good excretion habit and prevent physical disease. Track defecation data to maintain your body health."

Most of the body's immune cells live in the intestines, so intestinal health is essential to enhance human immunity and fight diseases. By recording and observing the stool, it can improve bowel problems, observe the changes in the body in real time, and prevent gastrointestinal and other related diseases early. Strengthen the environmental protection in the body, let poop teach you to understand the hidden danger of the body.
江真 刘