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Pool Director

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Pool Director

Pool Director - is a "smart house" for your pool.

Pool Director app can be installed on your iPhone or iPad. Wherever you are, the pool control is in your hands! For example, you are standing in a traffic jam, you can open the app and turn on hot water to come and the first thing to dive into the pool!

Key features of the Pool Director equipment system:
- Pool basin cleaning.
- Water filtering.
- Weather dependent temperature control.
- Lighting and roller cover control.
- Water attractions control.
- Emergency signal activation in case of emergency.
- Notifications about necessary works.
- Service requesting.
- Water, electricity and agents saving in periods of no use.

If you don’t have the Pool Director system, the app allows you to:
- Keep a journal of pool operation.
- Receive notifications about the need of maintenance or tests.
- Get recommendations on adding agents.
- Find out, how to solve the most frequent problems with the pool.
- Consult with the service centre or call a specialist right from the app.
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