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Pony Unite

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Pony Unite

Pony Unite brings together all popular pony radio stations, shows and podcasts.
It contains every station and show from PonyvilleLive.

[Radio Stations]
- More than 16 radio stations from 'Brony Radio Germany' over 'Fillydelphia Radio' to 'Wonderbolt Radio' included
- 3 different stream qualities available (low, mid and high)
- Bookmark title and artist from currently playing songs
- See how many people are listening to the radio station (even in lockscreen)
- Airplay supported

[Podcasts and Shows]
- Everything from 'EBC' to 'Voice of Equestria' and many more are included
- Listen to all popular podcasts and watch the newest videos from the brony community

- See what events are upcoming today and get notified when they start
- Get informations about all events that have already taken part or will come in the future
- Set notifications for single events

[Color Themes]
- Ponify your app with different designs
- There are over 18 pony themed designs available you can choose from
- Every theme has custom pony animations
Felix Bachmann