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pon is the Smart Shopping List App that makes everyday shopping convenient and easy.

pon at a glance:
- Push Reminder when you pass by a shopping location and there are still items on your shopping list that you wanted to purchase. (Geofence).
- Share and edit your shopping lists with others
- Synchronization on any number of devices
- Smart sorting automatically sorts your shopping list items in the order in which the items are located in your supermarket
- Grouping items by shopping locations
- Automatically sends notifications to your list members when you start shopping
- Create multiple lists
- Manual sorting possible
- Create your own shopping items with pictures, prices and offer prices
- Large product database in multiple languages
- Apple Watch App
- Apple Watch Complication
- Barcode Scanner
- Offline use
- No Tracking, no Ads
- And much more

Imagine you're on your way home from work and while passing your favorite shopping location a notification comes up to remind you to buy milk. Your partner with whom you share your shopping list has added milk to the list during the day and pon reminds you at just the right time.

pon remembers all previously bought products with all attributes you have selected before like "organic" or "lactose-free" so you don't have enter it again. Even what amount you usually buy is automatically proposed when you select the item the next time to make shopping a breeze.

Simply share your shopping lists with friends, colleagues or your family and keep track of all shopping tasks.

Your lists get sorted automatically in the correct order in which you checked the items during your last shopping tours. After a while everything is automatically sorted in the order the Items are located in your supermarkets. It's so cool ;-)

Synchronization ensures that your lists are always up to date and available on all your devices.

pon reminds you by push notification when you pass a shopping location (Geofence) and there are still items not purchased on your shopping lists. Of course you can also turn it off if you prefer to remember by yourself ;-)

If you share you shopping lists with others your list members can get notified automatically when you start shopping. Forget the call "Honey, do we need something else that is not on the list yet?" It's so easy!

Choose your products from a large product database or simply create your own products. You can also add attributes like "organic" or "lactose-free" to describe your items a little more for the one who is shopping.

Use the barcode scanner to create items by simply scanning them. Just select the quantity and confirm and it's done.

With the Apple Watch App your shopping lists are always on your wrist leaving one hand free to push the shopping card. You can add pon also to your Watch Faces to have even faster access. Try it!

We are not using tracking and analytics tools and do not transfer you data to third parties. Activate locations and push notifications and discover the great features pon offer.

If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions please let us know - we appreciate your feedback.

pon is smart, mobile and entirely free
Adrian Kuehlewind