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Is it the first time remote working? Or are you tired of distraction at home nowadays? Pomosh can help you fight against procrastination and distraction.

How to:

A working block and a break count as a cycle. A Cycle with a 25-minute working & 5-minute break is a good starting point for newbies. How many cycles do you need in a day? It depends on your workload. It's time hustle. Create a new session and follow working/break cycles while working. Pomosh will help you focus.

Main Features:

- Timer: Helps you to follow Pomodoro Technique practices. It shows remaining working/break time with remaining cycles in your session. You can start/pause with clicking. The first click on the timer creates a session. You can think session = your typical working day. The timer automatically continues between work/break cycles. You cannot skip a period. But, yes, you can pause the timer. Bigger timer for iPads!

- Settings: Pomosh is flexible. You can easily change the working & break duration. Also, you can set total cycles in a session, which depends on your workload and rhythm.

- Apple Watch Extension: Pomosh has a stand-alone version for your Apple Watch.

- Sound effects: A chime effect indicates time is up. You can turn off it off course.
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