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Pomodoro timer felt vibration

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Pomodoro timer felt vibration

Zero the time management stress you have.
Time is managed based on the Pomodoro method, which is effective in maintaining concentration, and the start, progress, and end of work are notified by vibration.
Not only does it not require a visual grasp of the passage of time, it also requires no difficult settings and is easy to operate.
You can reduce the stress of time management and focus on the task at hand.

・Counts down 25 minutes of work time and 5 minutes of break time.
・Tap the screen to stop / resume the countdown.
・Press and hold the screen to switch between work mode and break mode.
・Notifies the start, progress (work mode only), and end of work.
・ The elapsed time is notified with a different vibration pattern when the remaining time is 15 minutes / 10 minutes / 5 minutes.
・Can be used in the background.
【What is the Pomodoro method?】
The Pomodoro method divides the work time into 25 minutes and 5 minutes break time.
It is a time management technique that maintains concentration efficiently by repeating it.

【To manage time using the Pomodoro method】
Anyone can put it into practice immediately by using multiple timers such as 25 minutes and 5 minutes.
However, this method requires awareness of time management for the following reasons.
I can't focus 100% on the work in front of me.
(1) Concentration is interrupted due to visual confirmation to grasp the passage of time.
(2) Concentration is interrupted by the troublesomeness of timer operation (stop / restart / work switching).

By using this application, you can grasp the start / progress / end of work by (1) notification by vibration.
In addition, (2) all necessary operations can be completed with one tap.
As a result, stress in time management can be reduced to the utmost limit, and improvement and sustainability of concentration can be expected.

【Points to note】
This app integrates with the health app(HealthKit) .

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