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This app is for use with Pokit Pro and Pokit Meter, available from Without a connection to a Pokit device app function will be limited.

A new future in portable measurement and logging.

Pokit devices free you from the bench and allow you to take your creativity anywhere. With Pokit devices, you can truly measure anything, anywhere. Pokit devices are the perfect tools for makers, technicians and engineers who want great test equipment without the prohibitive price tag.

Measure with Ease

Pokit devices connect wirelessly to your smartphone and app. Its amazingly easy to use. Simply touch to change modes and settings, and pinch and drag to pan and zoom waveforms. After using a Pokit, you'll wonder why all tools weren't designed this way!

Small is Big

Pokit devices are small in lots of ways... they take less space, weigh less, use less power, and cost much less than tools with similar capabilities. After using a Pokit we think you'll agree that small is the new big!
Pokit Innovations Pty Ltd