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To create your route you simply pan the map and tap the plus button on screen. Use the pin navigation buttons in the top right corner to review your planned route.

It's easy to correct any mistakes; remove your most recent pins using the undo button (top left) or aim at the pin you want to remove and tap the cross.

Pointo allows you to control your Apple Music while biking using either the buttons, or a simple swipe across the navigation screen to jump between tracks.

If you decide to add a destination to your favourites, you will find 55 custom icons to select from while naming the place.


The Apple Watch interface will point you in the right direction, and refresh the direction whenever you raise your wrist. It will also show you the distance to the next pin. Put your iPhone to sleep in your pocket to save battery.

The ideal heading is shown on the Apple Watch as a green slice pointing straight ahead (up). The more you get off course, the more the directional slice turns red.

It does not use the compass, but instead relies on the direction of your movement.


Keep in mind that tracking continues in the background if you leave the app with one or more pins on the map. So to avoid wasting battery when not navigating, please clear the route before leaving the app.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease
battery life of your device.
Johan Basberg