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Pointer Navigation

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Pointer Navigation

Where do you go? That way? Why are you using such a cumbersome navigation app to get there? You think that’s the simplest and navigation and it can’t be more streamlined? Well, it can! We reduced navigation to the core: direction and distance. Sounds obvious, right? Go give it a try. We created it as the simplest navigation possible, to be worn on a wrist. Supporting the Apple Watch Series 5 compass, it’s the most amazing little navigator you can think of. Ideal for hiking or any cross-country adventure. And if you don’t own a shiny new Apple Watch, the app supports the iPhone screen as well – of course.

With this app we finally release a development that started over five years ago. The prototype, almost forgotten, came to life with the announcement of the new Watches and their compass feature. We can’t wait to explore new areas with this all-you-need navigation system. Oh, did we mention it works offline as well?

Version 1.2 supports switching between compass and GPS course information for computing the direction - given your device supports both. If not, GPS course is a great fallback. Toggling between the two comes in handy whenever you're moving and the compass can't get a clear signal.

Handcrafted software made by 3antworten in Berlin.