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PODIUM Coaching for Runners

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PODIUM Coaching for Runners

Achieve your running goals with expert AI coaching. Get access to world-class training plans that are customized to you, and train smarter – not harder!

Create your personalized training plan on your iPhone, go for a run with either your Apple Watch (series 3 or 4) or your iPhone and receive post workout coaching and analysis on your performance.

Performance Lab’s wildly successful training programs, available in-app FREE for 4 weeks.
–After the 4 week trial, unlock your remaining program for USD$9.99 (for a limited time only!)
– Adaptive plans fit your schedule. Skip a workout and the plan will automatically adjust
– Beginner through to advanced experience level
– All training programs are 6-14 weeks duration
– From 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon training plans to fitness maintenance – you choose your goal

Post run coaching and technical analysis
- Progress through 5 training phases (technique, endurance, strength, speed and execution)
- Get coaching to improve after every run
- Drill into splits, vertical climb, distance and duration
- Track your fitness trend

Running power, step rate and more
- Track important metrics like power, step rate, pace and distance in-workout
- With the Apple Watch, sync to your phone post-run and get your performance, or view it immediately afterwards if you’re running with your iPhone only!

Connect and share
- Seamlessly push your workout to Strava and share your journey with friends

HealthKit and Health App integration
Podium uses HealthKit to read heart rate and step rate data and provide important metrics for in-workout and post workout analysis.

Blending sports science, technology, and a passion for democratizing high performance, Performance Lab have been coaching elite athletes to their PODIUM for over 30 years. With unparalleled domain expertise, we’re on a mission to empower everyone to reach their fitness goals.

Download PODIUM for iPhone and Apple Watch now and get the best running results.