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PocketChem is a portable, easy-to-use, and elegant periodic table and chemistry reference app for iOS devices.

- Browse through the clean and elegant, color-coded periodic table in both light mode and the stunning dark mode!

- Easily browse using the search feature on the periodic table, as well as on a list view for easy scrolling.

- View data on all 118 elements, including atomic mass, phase at STP, density, atomic radius, electronegativity, ionization energy, boiling and melting points, electron configuration, and more!

- View the flame color of certain elements!

- View history and uses data for each element.

- View all isotopes of each element, with data including the mass, natural abundance, half life, and mode of decay for each!

- Have access to amazing chemistry widgets such as a chemical equation balancer, empirical formula solver, and a molecular formula finder!

- Have access to chemistry reference tools, such as data on formulas, solubility rules, reaction types and yields, common chemistry constant values, strong acids and bases, and metric prefixes!

- Search the in-app database for chemical compounds to see their formulas, and follow the link to an external site for more information if the compound was not found in the database.


Learn more about the elements and download PocketChem today!

--- ABOUT ME ---

Hello world! I am Ajay Gandecha, a high school junior in North Carolina, and I am the creator of PocketChem.

From a young age, I have always been fascinated by the code behind mobile apps, and throughout middle school I taught myself how to code so I could create my very own apps.

PocketChem is a portable, easy-to-use, and elegant periodic table and chemistry reference app for iOS devices.

I hope to inspire other young people in learning how to code to solve everyday problems in our world, and I will be sharing my journey with PocketChem, as well as my first app Geogsmart, on my personal website.

Check it out, and thank you for downloading PocketChem!

*NOTE: PocketChem was created solely by me, Ajay Gandecha, and is NOT associated with and does NOT endorse any club or organization within ANY institution. This app was also not created for any specific club or institution.
Ajay Gandecha