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Pocket Calculator Woo-Dentaku

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Pocket Calculator Woo-Dentaku

The pocket calculator for Apple Watch that runs even without your iPhone nearby!
Its smart design makes it easy to tap large keys quickly and accurately. It even works on your iPhone and iPad.

Pocket Calculator is useful when shopping, at restaurants, or anywhere on the go. It calculates tax, tip, or splitting checks.

All features are available as a free trial. Afterwards, unlock the app via in-app purchase.

- Basic four arithmetic operation functions
- Theme color (default, monochrome, red, blue, yellow)
- Display of input formula
- Constant calculation
- GT (ground total) function
- Landscape display is available for iPhone 6/7/8 Plus, iPhone Xs Max, iPad
- Memory function
- 24 significant digits
- Tax included calculated without tax
- Chip calculation
- Split the bill
- There is also a function to adjust division.
- Supports the following functions by switching of uses
- Adder method function
- Decimal, hexadecimal conversion function
- Use as a counter
- You can play music with the instrument function
You can select sounds and scales by setting.
It can not be used during Voice Over.
- Constants and conversion formulas can be registered with memo function
- It can assign to a key
If you assign to more than three keys, required to purchase in-app item.

Apple Watch
- Various key arrangements
- 3 x 5 and 3 x 4, 3 x 3, 2 x 2 key arrangement can be selected
- Arrangement for the right hand then left hand
- Quick page move
- It is divided into multiple pages,
Paging can be swiftly done with swipe and digital crown
- Move to numeric input page automatically by inputting operator etc.