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PNOĒ Precision

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PNOĒ Precision

PNOE Precision is the first Al-powered app that calibrates your wearable to
your metabolic profile to give you hyper-personalized guidance on your Activity,
Nutrition, Recovery, and Mental Readiness. Achieving longevity and peak performance is about eating well, doing the correct type of exercise, and getting the proper recovery. That is why PNOE Precision tracks all four pillars of wellness and performance, collectively helping you make choices that are in line with every aspect of your biology and lifestyle.


By synchronizing your metabolic profile measured through the PNOĒ test, The PNOĒ Precision app makes your wearable smarter. This means that your wearable can now - 1. Track calories up to 2x more accurately
2. Measure your fat & carb burn in real-time during exercise
3. Guide your workouts based on your personalized training zones
4. Quantify how your lifestyle affects elements of your physiology like your heart fitness, lung fitness, metabolic efficiency, and fat-burning ability.


The metrics from your PNOĒ, including VO2max, Metabolic Efficiency, and Fat Burning Efficiency, provide the most reliable measure of your biological age. PNOĒ’s AI estimates how they’re affected based on your Activity, Nutrition, and Recovery and provides a real-time picture of how your lifestyle affects your biological age.


Achieving peak performance and health isn’t just about being active. It’s also about doing the right type and volume of training. That’s why the activity score helps you track whether your calorie burn level, type, and workout volume are helping you achieve your goals. This enables you to optimize your overall activity levels, workout intensity, and the type of training you complete every week.


Through the Recovery score, PNOĒ Precision helps you track how well-rested your body is based on your workout, nutrition, sleep duration, and quality. Your sleep quality takes into account the time you spent in different sleep stages (e.g., light, deep sleep) as well as your resting heart rate and HRV during sleep.


Through the Nutrition score, PNOĒ Precision indicates how beneficial your nutrition is for your fitness goal and overall well-being. It takes into account the quality and quantity of food items you log, helping you optimize your food choices for your fitness and health. Quantity accounts for how your calorie, protein, fat, and carbohydrates intake compares to your targets. Quality accounts for whether you meet the recommended targets for essential food sources (e.g., fruits and vegetables) while staying below the allowable levels for unhealthy ones (e.g., alcohol and sugar).

MIND SCORE (coming soon!)

PNOĒ analyzes your circadian rhythm based on your sleep quality and schedule and estimates how your mental readiness fluctuates during the day. This helps you optimize your sleeping schedule to achieve peak cognitive performance when you most need it.


PNOĒ Precision features the most advanced diet planner. All plans are crafted by a registered dietitian according to your metabolic needs and food preferences, and restrictions.
1. Automatically provides alternative meals that align with your nutrition targets, preferences, and restrictions.
2. Integrates with most food logging apps you may be already using and
3. Automatically adapts your diet down to a serving level in case you deviate from your nutrition or activity target.
4. Contains a library of 1000+ recipes covering all popular diet types (e.g., Keto, Mediterranean, Vegan, etc.).
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