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Plus One

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Plus One

Plus One habit + addiction tracker helps you to create an awareness of your addiction.


You might be into vaping or cigarettes and want to live more healthy. However your routines are “on repeat” and on “autopilot” on a daily base.

Whatever you are addicted to, keeping track of your behaviour is the first step in being aware about your habits and raising a strong consciousness.

We all have bad habits.

Start questioning your behaviour and improve your personal experiences.

Hack yourself. One step at a time. Engineer your consciousness.
Live a better life.


Every time you “do your thing” press the “+1” button on your Apple Watch or in the iPhone app.


• iOS widget for quick access
• Apple Watch support
• Access your raw data via iTunes file sharing (export via shake gesture)
• Keep track of your current trend
• Weekly status reports
• Detailed daily, weekly and monthly statistics
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