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Plum app

by Plum
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Plum app

by Plum
The Plum Lightpad Smart Dimmer is the most advanced light dimmer ever created. It connects via Wi-Fi and allows you to control your lights from your iPhone from home or anywhere in the world.

Plum Lightpads communicate with each other and together they create a complete lighting control solution for your home.

- The Lightpad has a multi-touch interface. You can control one light, multiple lights or all of your lights from any Lightpad by using one finger, two fingers or three fingers.
- Easily turn off all your lights from any switch as you go to bed or leave the house.
- Create scenes of light to set up lights the way you want them for morning, evening, entertaining and more.
- Create schedules to turn your lights on and off daily, weekly or just once.
- Have your porch lights turn on a dusk and off at dawn
- Have your lights turn on and off while you are away to make it look like you are home.
- Have your bedroom lights slowly illuminate as you wake up each morning
- The Lightpad senses when you approach it and gently glows in your choice of colors.
- Each Lightpad measures the energy consumption of your individual lights and can tell you when you are spending more or saving more on your lights.

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