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PLR Safety

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PLR Safety

Emergency or SOS situation can strike any time

During an adventure sport like hiking, biking or boating, working late night, leaving a party or bar, taxi rides, while travelling to a new city, during an internet date or even a vehicle breakdown. Not to mention the medical emergencies especially for the elderly.

An immediate response to emergency situation can be the difference between life and death.

Calling for help can be an option, but that comes with its own issues.

You might not know whom to call or have the related contact details. The signal strength might not be good enough for a call or you might never be able to provide the exact location details. By the time the location is tracked, it might be too late.

So, is there a solution?

Introducing PLR, a personal safety app that relies on cellphone coverage to send details to friends and family. "Simply activate the distress function and the app will automatically send the address of current location along with user’s name, phone number and coordinates containing the longitude and latitude to your emergency contacts via the texting function on the cellphone thereby providing the best chance of response and survival.

The best feature?

In case the phone is not with you, the app is also available for smartwatches and offers same functions. While your phone might not be accessible at the time of emergency simply because you left it somewhere by mistake, a watch is likely to be on your wrist thereby increasing the chances of getting help.

Sounds Amazing Right?

Keep your family and friends safe

Download the PLR app today.
Nick Brabant