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Plock - lightweight poker clock

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Plock - lightweight poker clock

Plock is a lightweight app for passionate poker players, which provides easy management of the blind structure in poker tournaments.

It has never been easier, just choose the type of the game from predefined tournaments and you are ready to start playing. If you want you can create your own tournaments simply by setting blinds and time for each level.

App will push notifications about blinds changes so you don't have to worry about missing anything.
Get a quick glimpse into the tournament progress in the Apple Watch glances. The most important information you need to know without running the app. Launch the app to perform actions.
Get the most relevant information on one screen. Pause the tournament clock whenever necessary.
Adjust the timer
Get the most relevant information on one screen. Use force touch to get to the context menu and adjust the tournament timer.
Pavel Smejkal

Pavel Smejkal Student at CTU iOS developer at STRV