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Pleasure is a mobile app that gives you instant relaxation.

The vibration app that works even when the screen is turned off.

The Pleasure app helps you to have a massage by using your phone's haptic sensors and vibration engine.
Just install and turn it on. Easy to use and very effective.

Also new Apple Watch App Available!

The Pleasure app doesn't include any tracking system.
We care about your privacy. 
That's why our application size is a few megabytes.

Our vibration massage has 12 different modes and every mode has 6 different patterns. 
You can use the vibration stick by sliding the rounded black square up and down and you will see the patterns are changing. We have strong sensational vibrating modules that give you a relaxing feel and make you calm.
Download the Pleasure app and enjoy your massage every day!

For additional quality, upgrade to Pleasure Premium.

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