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Playist is the simplest music player. Also, this app is the best app as car audio player because it can be used in both portrait and landscape screen.

## Favorites function
If you register playlists, artists, and albums, you can start playing them with minimum operations. You can also start playing them (up to 5) with Apple Watch and Notification Center.

## Main function
- Play songs My Music of the Music app (of course, Apple Music is supported!)
- Register playlists, artists and albums to favorites
- Start playing favorites (up to 5) with Apple Watch and Notification Center.

## Gestures
- Tap screen to play / stop playing (you can choose from disabled, one finger or two fingers)
- Swipe left / swipe to go to next / previous song
- Swipe down to view music list

* For landscape mode, devices more than 4 inches (iPhone 5 or higher) are recommended.

Screenshots by HICO.
Yuta Hirobe