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Play The Pitch

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Play The Pitch

This application is intended for a coach/parent/helper to track players names, the clock, and a match score with regards to one team that is being managed. Three independent tabs help focus your efforts to add/edit player names and jersey numbers, assign and manage them on the Pitch, and log each match change that is exportable or can be emailed.

The clock can be started and stopped via single tap, and will run even when app is minimized (up to a maximum time limit). There is a small notification label used on the app icon (when app is minimized) to remind you that the clock is currently running.

In the game, one of the key features is to see how much time each player is currently accruing while on the pitch, enabling a coach to select an appropriate sub from the bench.

The opposing team statistics other than score are not intended to be recorded with this application, but that is planned as a future development. Also, player's first names and last initial are used on the pitch for simplicity, but again a future development will afford the user to select first or last names to be viewed.
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