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Plant Identifier

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Plant Identifier

Have you looked at a plant and failed to identify trees or identify flowers? Or are you curious about learning about nature, flowers, plants, house plants, gardening, plant care, parts of the plants, plants & vegetables, etc.?The plant identifier: plant guide is an app to identify plants, flowers, and trees, by picture. Identify a plant and tree from the photo option in the app. Capture the plant in a camera, and let the plant identifier app identify trees and identify flowers, perform the rest of the plant identification work.

The plant identifier: plant guide app to help in plant identification allows you to recognize 1000+ plant names. The app is for learning about different plants and nature. It also has gardening, plant care tips, plant naming, house plant, an option to identify plants from a photo, a flowerchecker, etc. Keep your plants healthy with the plant identifier: plant guide app to help in plant identification.

Features of plant identifier: plant guide app
The plant identification app to help in the learning of the parts of plants and helps in the learning of nature, plant care, garden maintenance, plants & vegetables, plant naming, house plants, and to identify plants from photos. The plant identification app enables you to identify plants, shrubs, and trees. With over 1000+plants from photos, the plant names in the app are also unique. Learn more about each plant from photo galleries of plants. Learning the plant by picture helps you to register it in your mind.

Plant care and gardening tips
The plant identification app has gardening and plant care tips to help you in the garden-learning process. It allows you to learn about how to grow your house plant and tree in the garden. Develop knowledge about plant varieties by picture from plant photos. Have fun learning plant names and their species. The plant names app also helps in the plant-naming process.

Flowerchecker and tracker
Accurately check the growth of your plant and the blossoming of new flowers with the flowerchecker option. You can keep track of plant growth rates and get tips on watering them as per their need and other factors. You can learn more about a plant and tree in nature with the flowerchecker option.

Smart notifications for plant management
Take care of plants and trees, give them plant names, and identify plant and tree species by picture from the photo option with the identify plants app. The identifier app to learn about plants by picture from the photo option gives smart notifications to manage the health of plants that you grow in your garden.

Understand and learn the plant names by picture using the plant identifier app. Download the app now.

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