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Plank Workout for Watch

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Plank Workout for Watch

This app provides different plank variations to help you lose weight, gain strength and get a stronger core. Take only 7 minutes a day to burn calories and get in better shape!
With 3 difficulty levels, the 30-day weight loss plan perfectly fits all fitness levels, and it suits both men and women. There's no equipment or gym needed. You can do plank workouts anywhere at anytime.

Why plank workout?
Planks are the most popular and effective fat burning exercise. They can be easily performed and activate all your muscles, including your core, shoulders, glutes, etc.
+ Maximize the belly fat burning
+ Strengthen your core
+ Reduce back pain
+ Improve your posture & balance
+ Accelerate your metabolism
+ Improve your flexibility

- Different forms of planks provided and Detailed instruction
- Customized workout reminders help you make planking a daily workout routine
- Workout duration and difficulty increase step by step
- Track your heart rate while workout.
- Continue updating..

Permission requests:
• Health app: This app integrates with the Health app to show your heart rate while workout and summary the health rate average when you finish workout. Base on that you can easily choose good plan for yourself.
• Notifications: to remind you to work out.
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