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Plain Calc - Best Calculator for iPhone and iPad HD

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Plain Calc - Best Calculator for iPhone and iPad HD

Plain Calc is a revolutionary, simple and powerful Calculator for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch!

Its remarkable new way of handling input takes advantage of the power of touch technology and the users intuition.

Color coded brackets and horizontal scrolling simplify editing of large, complex calculations. Save a formula for later use and include variables for numbers that appear multiple times in a formula or in multiple formulas.

Plain Calcs powerful engine is put to life by a user interface that provides a rewarding and intuitive experience.
Simple gestures and familiar, intuitive control elements allow a fluid and easy workflow.

Take advantage of iPads large screen by taking notes while youre calculating or keep control over large, long calculations in landscape mode.

Apple Watch functionality:

Plain Calc offers an Apple Watch extension capable of the most important and frequent calculation functionalities.

Once a calculation becomes larger or you want to access Plain Calcs full functionality, just use Force Touch on your Apple Watch and the App opens automatically on your iPhone.
There you can continue just where you have left on the Watch.

The Apple Watch App recognizes if Plain Calc is open on your iPhone and automatically reacts by opening a menu from which you can access recently used variables and insert them on your iPhone.
Plain Calcs Apple Watch extension is capable of the most important and frequent calculation functionalities. Its simple User Interface now extends to your wrist and brings all the power of Plain Calc with it.
Use Force Touch to quickly switch to your iPhone. The Calculation you entered is taken there automatically and you can continue just where youve left on your Watch.
The Apple Watch app detects when you open Plain Calc on your iPhone and automatically switches to a new interface. Here you can insert recently used variables on your iPhone right from your Apple Watch.
Andreas Krassnitzer

Born and grown up in Austria, I have learned to value simplicity. People here like it straightforward and simple. Upfront, polite but still always a bit cheeky. Thats the Austrian charm and its something that, I think, soaks through all the things I do. I am an iOS Developer, engineering student and programmer. And I have a simple policy: Every time someone interacts with a piece of my work, I want it to be a rewarding and enriching experience. Whenever you touch the lives of others with what you do, aim to make it better. Plain Calc does exactly that. Its a calculator, but its different. It does not waste any time to try and mimic physical pocket calculators. Instead, Plain Calc delivers its own experience. Its a piece of art and a piece of technology, running on a device much more powerful than any pocket calculator. And it feels that way.