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Places Around

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Places Around

Places Around Watch App allows users to easily find places and services around them. The App contains a list of commonly used services such as Restaurants, ATMs,Gas Stations,Parking etc. Users can select a pre-defined service or just speak to the app to find what they need (e.g.. Mc Donalds, Pharmacies, Japanese Restaurants etc). The real time distance to the places as well as information such as open hours and contact details will be provided instantly. Places can also be viewed on a map and the apple maps app can be used to find directions.

Category Search
Users can tap on one of these pre-defined categories to instantly get results.
Places Results
Places results are displayed according to the distance. The real time distance to the places are also displayed here.
Places Details
Details of the places such as open hours, address and telephone number are displayed . The view map option opens the place in a map. The user can tap on the map to open the apple maps app to get directions.
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