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Make your home smart simply with PIXIE PLUS.

The PIXIE PLUS App is used to control and is compatible with the PIXIE smart home range of devices from SAL National Pty Ltd. The PIXIE PLUS app works with the PIXIE Gateway and one PIXIE Gateway must be present in a project for the PIXIE PLUS app to operate.

The PIXIE Plus app adds advanced system capabilities to a PIXIE smart home, introducing voice control compatibility through a number of service providers and remote monitoring options, with more sophisticated security setup capability for larger homes and families needing to manage who is in control of different parts of the smart home.

The PIXIE PLUS app allows the user to divide the home into Rooms for fast, fine tuned control and configuration of PIXIE smart home devices and delivers the ability to control the home from anywhere an internet connection is available.

PIXIE PLUS enables the ability to create schedules for scenes and groups, provides direct control of all devices, groups and scenes, and is also used for device discovery, setup and configuration processes of a PIXIE smart home system.

PIXIE PLUS is easy to operate and allows the user to control a comprehensive selection of lighting commands; set a scene, set a schedule, dim, switch, group devices, sync your lights to music and more!

PIXIE PLUS is compatible with all SAL PIXIE smart devices (including smart gateway, smart dimmer, smart switch, smart LED strip kit etc.) and popular voice control devices.

Need more information on the navigation of PIXIE PLUS or PIXIE range products, check out the HELP page on the app or visit
SAL Nationwide Pty Ltd