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Pitter Patter App

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Pitter Patter App

The ONLY App that lets you feel other’s heartbeats live! Start a live heartlink on your Apple Watch, and let many others feel your heartbeat through their Apple Watches. Or do a one-to-one heartlink to feel your loved one's heartbeat, as they feel yours at the same time, by heartlinking your Apple Watches!

Sign up, heartlink one-on-one with a friend or stream your heartbeat live for others to feel. View your history or connect with others in the live stream.
You can use Pitter Patter to start heartlink sessions, to share heartbeats with your friends, directly from your Apple Watch or your iPhone anywhere, anytime.
Just watch this demo video to learn more -

You can heartlink live while leading a yoga class, or a spinning session (welcome Peloton trainers). Or just heartlink live while practicing your slam dunks in the back yard. You can also heartlink with your friends to see who can work out the hardest!
You can also have your elderly family members, heartlink live with the rest of your family, to keep the whole family connected! Or feel your children’s heartrate during their favorite sports games! Or just check up on your sick family member to have them feel better as if touching your hand, by feeling your heartbeat.

Pitter Patter is also great to connect with your fans, whether when performing live or just doing a casual Facebook Live session – everyone can now also feel your heartbeat, in addition to watching your every move, live! Heartlink Live to better connect with your social network followers, or just to engage your network more fully!
You can also heartlink with a friend or a loved one, to feel their touch as if they were there with you in person person, while FaceTiming. You can feel your opponent’s heart race while online gaming. Or get a better read on how your friends feel and react, while hanging out with them in person.
You can also use Pitter Patter to experience what your favorite heroine does in the heat of battle, while watching your favorite show. Or just tune into your favorite celebrity’s heartbeat during their reality TV shows or recording sessions.

Pitter Patter is the app to better experience the world with your friends! Invite all of your friends or followers, with an Apple Watch, to heartlink with you, and you will be amazed!


Haptic Taps through your Apple Watch allow you to feel another’s heart beat while they feel yours simultaneously. Or, join another’s live heartlink to feel what they are feeling, along with many others!

Listen as your watch chimes to your heartbeats increasing and decreasing, for a completely connected “heartlinked” experience!

See heart rate pulse animations change color, and increase or decrease in speed, as your pulses fluctuate.

Pitter Patter integrates with the Health app.
Urban Emu Design, LLC