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The Pitch Pipe

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The Pitch Pipe

Looking for the perfect pitch pipe companion? Need more features that just playing a note?

This app is made for the following:
- Music Teachers and Students
- Church Song Leaders
- A Capella and Band Groups
- Solo Performers
- Students learning music
- Choirs and Music Groups
- Instrument Tuning

- Song List for Pre Selecting Pitches and Scales and arranging them into a list
- Note Helper for help with Sheet Music
- Classic C-C and F-F Pitch Pipes
- Modern Button Layout with C-C and F-F versions
- 3D Touch Quick Actions
- Apple Watch App with "C3" to "F4"
- Full iOS 11 Support
- New interface for Pitch Pipe Tab so that it would be simpler to navigate
- Notes Field for Song List
- Share Button for Song List
- In app rating for a better App Store rating experience
Rody Davis