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Pitch Out Baseball

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Pitch Out Baseball

SALE - Pitch Out will be only $1.99 until July 14th!

-------- Apple Watch Exclusive ---------

Pitch Out Baseball is the best action game for Apple Watch! Step up to the plate and try to hit as many balls in a row as you can. Get a strike, and start over!

As your score gets higher, the pitcher will start throwing trickier and faster pitches.

Your top scores are recorded on Game Center. Try to get to the top and challenge your friends!

Good luck!!

* Apple Watch optimized game design
* Simple and intuitive to play with difficulty that increases over time
* Pitch algorithm ensures a completely unique pitch every single time
* Different types of pitches: fastballs, curve balls, changeups, and more...
* Leaderboards are tracked with Game Center
* STAY TUNED! More is on the way...

!! This game only works on your Apple Watch. !!

* Minimum requirement for playing Pitch Out Baseball is Apple Watch and iPhone 4s with iOS8.2 or higher.
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