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pit-Mobile 4.0

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pit-Mobile 4.0

Mobile Facility Management on the go for
* Order administration: accept, manage, report
* Fault and incident management
* Data recording and Management e.g. inventory
* Meter (value) management
* Scheduling and room booking
* Maintenance
* Issue management and documentation
* Time sheets
* Cleaning control
* Instructions
* Quality assurance
and more…

Your possibilities
* Provide, gather and edit data on you mobile device
* Multi user capable, user specific access rights management
* Data synchronization on demand (offline –capable)
* Use all available hardware components (camera, microphone, GPS – receiver ...)
* View and color CAD – plans
* Create sketches and signatures
* Connect to multiple data bases
* Use multiple simultaneously installed processes
* Integration with complementary web based solution for Facility Management processes
* External barcode- or RFID scanner (via Bluetooth™)
* Suitable for Mobile Device Management systems

Your advantages
* Integrated digital process management
* Fast information transfer
* Speed up your operations
* Improved synchronization of participating sites and people in your process

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