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PiOn Remote

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PiOn Remote

Control your Pioneer or Onkyo AV Receiver from anywhere without opening an App, even from the notification center without having to unlock your phone or from your Apple Watch

It is designed for everyday usage and allows control of Power, Volume, Pause, Play, Previos, Next, Surround Mode and Audio/Video Source.

Pion Remote requires a Pioneer or Onkyo AV Receiver with built-in LAN.

Please ensure your iPhone and receiver are connected to the same network, your receiver should be detected automatically. Once detected, add the widget to the notification center.

* Please set the network standby --> "ON" on your reciever .
* If the App doesn't work properly, please try to reboot your mobile device, unplug the power cord of the main unit and reinsert into the power outlet or check your home network.

** Pioneer and Onkyo are registered trademarks of Onkyo & Pioneer Corporation**