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Pinnin for Pinboard

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Pinnin for Pinboard

Pinnin is a fast, simple app for viewing and managing your bookmarks right on your iPhone. With Pinnin you can search, view and edit your Pinboard bookmarks, and now, with iOS8 you can add bookmarks to your Pinboard account directly from Safari or any 3rd party app!

Note: Pinnin requires a Pinboard account


** Apple Watch App **
Pinnin for Apple Watch gives you quick and easy access to your most important bookmarks. Pinnin for Apple Watch loads bookmarks with a specific tag ("watch" by default) along with the most recently added bookmarks. Selecting a bookmark broadcasts the link via handoff to open in browser on the desktop, iPhone, or iPad. Additionally add or remove the watch tag with a force touch.

** iOS 8 Extension **
Pinnin provides an extension available from Safari and any iPhone app with a browser that allows you to add a bookmark to your account without ever leaving the app. The Pinnin extension suggests popular tags for URLs and provides tag autocomplete from your existing tags. Once you use it the Pinnin extension is the only way to add pinboard bookmarks on your iPhone!

** Built for iOS 8 **
Pinnin is built for iOS 8 from the ground up, written in Swift to ensure a fast user experience and leveraging the latest iOS 8 technologies.

** Search, View, Browse and Edit **
Pinnin's main app allows you to quickly search by Title, Tag or URL to find what you're looking for quickly. View bookmarks in the built-in browser and edit attributes like tags, read status or description.

** Discover New Content **
Pinnin provides access to the Pinboard popular feed where you browse and view the most popular links on Pinboard and add them to your bookmarks.

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