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PinkWeb Accountancy | Portal

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PinkWeb Accountancy | Portal

With the PinkWeb Accountancy app, you have 24/7 mobile access to your personal environment where you can securely, quickly, and easily sign, share, and exchange documents and information with your accountancy organisation. Receive a convenient push notification whenever a task is ready for you.

24/7 access to your personal files from anywhere
You can view your files, look at documents, and save or open them in other apps. You can also securely and easily share files such as invoices, letters, and contracts with your accountant by taking a photo and uploading it from your Files app.

Sign documents and approve or decline
Quickly and easily sign or approve documents like agreements, tax returns, and annual accounts. Tax returns are immediately forwarded to the Dutch Tax Authorities, and annual reports to the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Never forget your password again
The first time you log in, you'll have the option to use a personal PIN, TouchID (fingerprint), or FaceID (facial recognition) for future logins. This way, your information is secure without the need to remember a password.

Your accountant at your fingertips
You can view the contact details of your accountancy organisation, including their location on the map to plan your route.

How do I use the app?
You will receive login credentials from your accountancy organisation that offers you this app.

During activation, we'll ask if you want to receive push notifications. We use these to ensure you don't miss any crucial deadlines from your accountant. Please agree to receive these notifications.

After logging in, the app's logo might automatically change to a version chosen by the accounting firm.
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