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Pingtumi is a mobile broadcast and group messaging app that enables you to more effectively communicate with large groups of people via notifications, in app messages and widgets.

Pingtumi respects your privacy. We do not require your mobile number to subscribe. We do not request access to your contacts and we do not sell your data to anyone. 

*** How does Pingtumi work? ***

1. Create a public or private channel around any topic of interest and invite others to join.

2. Create as many messages as you wish within the channel then save, send or schedule the messages for release. Each channel comes with its unique QR code and URL. You can invite others to join your channel via the QR Code or URL.

3. Display the QR code (created within the Pingtumi app) on any product, pamphlet, package or website. When anyone with the Pingtumi app scans the QR code with their smartphone camera, they will automatically receive your messages.

4. Embed your channel URL in any email, text message or website. When anyone with the Pingtumi app clicks on theURL, they will automatically receive your messages.

*** With Pingtumi you can: ***

• Share photos with friends and family via channel widgets that reside on your Home Screen. As new photos are added, the widgets will automatically update.

• Schedule reminders for important events and have those reminders displayed within a widget on your Home Screen.

• Send multiple subscribers a message when a new product is in your store or on your website and maintain an ongoing messaging relationship.

• Distribute your newsletters via a mobile app and receive real time feedback on each publication.

• Alert subscribers when an event is about to begin (e.g. conference, webinar, TV show, open house etc.).

• Provide a map with directions to your location and include instructions about where to park.

• Set a recurring reminder to multiple subscribers when tickets are about to go on sale for an event.

• Generate conversations around your channel and better understand how customers feel about your product or service.

• Schedule messages to be sent to multiple subscribers on multiple dates and times.

• Schedule messages to be automatically sent when you or your subscribers enter or exit geofences.

• Securely share your business Wi-Fi network with the general public without disclosing your network password.

• Poll your subscribers about topics of interest and gain insights into their thinking.

• Identify subscribers at random to select a winner for a raffle or similar event.

• Respond to individual subscribers and answer questions they may have.

...and a whole lot more. Messages can be sent with multimedia content including images, videos, maps or web links. You can schedule your messages for release in advance and edit or delete them whenever you like.

*** Why use Pingtumi? ***

• You want a fun and easy way to share photos via widgets with friends and family.

• You want to message large groups of people but you may not have their email address or mobile number.

• You want to get the attention of your subscribers in real time or are interested in their feedback.

• You want the flexibility to send public was well as private messages.

Happy Pinging!
Pingtumi, Inc.