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Pimate is Pimatic on your iPhone / iPad.
With Pimate you have the ability to control your lights, your heating thermostats, shutters and much more.
Requirement is a home control with Pimatic.
At the moment supported devices:
- Swiches,
- FritzTemperatureSensor
- FritzThermostat
- HomeduinoRFWeatherStation
- HomeduinoRFShutter
- ContactSensor
- PresenceSensor
- Buttons
- VariableTimeInput Device
- Dimmer
- AmazingDashButton
- HomeduinoRFTemperature
- mqqtSwitch
- VariableDevices
- PingPresence
- MetarWeather
- mqttSensor
- HomeduinoRFPir

For the connection with HTTPS you have to use a trusted certificate and install it on your iOS device.
The address has to be part of the certificate.

If you have any problems or requests, please mail to or with twitter @iospimate
Rudolf Kraemer