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As a pilot, you don't care about the weather a few days from now.
You need the current wind direction, at the nearest airfield, for the best runway.
You need the current barometer reading for your altimeter.
You need to know if the field is still VFR.
And you need it fast.

PilotAWOS puts the National Weather Service's automated observation stations on your wrist.

Instantly see the most recent reading from a nearby AWOS station.

A watch-only app that doesn't waste space on your phone
Works wherever you have data connectivity
Has a full suite of watch-face complications

Free to use; no features are paywalled. Contributions are optional and voluntary only.

Data is fetched directly from the NWS, without any intermediate backends or big-brother analytics collection.
Your location is used only to ask the NWS for nearby stations, and isn't tracked.
Rogers George