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Pill Reminder Medication Alarm

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Pill Reminder Medication Alarm

Download today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with never missing a dose again!

With our user-friendly interface, you can easily manage all of your medications in one place, ensuring that you never miss a dose again. Our app is perfect for anyone who struggles to take their medication on time or has to take multiple medications each day. It's also ideal for women who use contraceptives and want to make sure they never miss a dose.

Customize your medication schedule by entering the name of each medicine, the interval between doses, the time of the first dose, the photo and much more.

With Pill Reminder, you can:

* Schedule all your meds in one easy-to-use app;
* Customize your pills with colors, photos, and notification sounds;
* See the time of your next dose at a glance;
* Receive notifications to remind you to take your medications;
* Track medications that you take as you need;
* See all your intake history.

Pill Reminder - the must-have app for anyone who needs help remembering to take their medication on time.

Upgrade to the full version to remove ads and add an unlimited number of medications to your schedule.

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