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A new game-changing app to create photobooks. Try it – you will love it!

It allows to create photobooks by inviting your friends to add their own photos on the go – it’s simply magic!
Everyone collaborates to its creation and in just a few clicks your photobook is ready and you can share it on social media or privately via email for FREE.
Pictyear turns your pictures in gorgeous photobooks that will be delivered to your doorstep at the end of your trip.

When you leave on a trip with your friends or family, everyone takes hundreds of pictures… afterwards, you need to retrieve photos from everyone, view, choose and upload them… and, eventually, make a photobook… with Pictyear, it’s so easy!

Everything is going to change with Pictyear!
It’s simple as one, two, three: download the app for free, create an album and invite your friends to add their photos. Everyone adds his or her pictures instantly and creates a photobook on the go. When back home, all you have to do is enjoy it and share it for free with your friends, your family, on social media or privately via email. You can also purchase your printed photobook with on tap and get it delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

So many reasons to use PICTYEAR:
- Share FREE digital photobooks on social media or privately via email
- Select pictures directly from your smartphone or from your Instagram, Dropbox or Flickr.
- Integrated Pictyear camera
- MY photos, YOUR photos, OUR photobook!
- Pictures are immediately added to the shared photobook
- Invite friends to collaborate to your photobook via email
- Integrated editing and publishing tools
- 8 original and custom themes
- Print up to 4 photos per page
- Multiple album creation
- Photobooks delivered to your doorstep in a few days!
- Secured payment
- Apple Watch & Apple Pay friendly

PICTYEAR, for any kind of celebrations:
- Holiday trips: are you going on a trip with your family? Whatever your destination you choose, your trip will be unforgettable!
- Off on a weekend with your friends, create your shared photobook using all of your photos.
- Weddings: you can finally create a photobook with all of the wedding guests’ best shots – it’s so easy!
- All kind of celebrations with family and friends: birthday parties, summer nights, pool parties, concerts, cocktails and barbecues, family gatherings, kids’ summer camps, etc.

Users are saying about us:
“My photobook gets done in real time, without an effort, and ordering is just a click away. This is magical!” Sarah D.
“Pictyear changes everything about the way I make my photobooks. No more back and forth between my smartphone and my computer, no more endless hours spent on editing.” Philippe L.
“Pictyear is awesome: it allows me to share my photos with everybody through the digital photobook, even on the other side of the world and absolutely at no cost.” Charlie
“We just had a baby and I am not keen to publish personal images on Facebook. I discovered Pictyear thanks to a morning TV show and since then, I use it to share his progress with all of our family. It’s awesome – I invite my parents to share the photobook and they print it every time.” Sonia

Discover our photobooks:
- 3 formats
o Landscape photobook – 11x8 – $29,99 for a 20 page book
o Square photobook – 8x8 – $24,99 for a 20 page book
o Mini photobook – 7x5 – $12,99 for a 20 page book
- 8 themes
- Up to 4 photos per page.
- Best printing quality and photobook hard cover

Pictyear partners with the leaders in the printing industry to ensure high-quality photobooks.

Product quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority. We strive to deliver the best customer experience and high-quality photobooks. If you have any question regarding your order or need any other information, our team will be happy to assist you in any possible way. Just email us at [email protected]!

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