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Picsgram for IG

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Picsgram for IG

Picsgram for Instagram allows you to use Instagram on your Apple Watch.

-> It is not necessary to be connected to the iPhone at all times to use Picsgram on your Watch.

Picsgram gives you access to the following Instagram features:

# See your Feed completely in real time
# Being able to like the publications of other users
# See the comments that other users or you make in the publications
# Being able to comment on any publication from your Watch
# See the stories of the users you follow
# Search other users
# View your full profile
# Explore for new people to add
# Best of all is an experience similar to your iPhone from your Watch
# Always have Instagram in your hand no matter where you left your iPhone
# The app on your Watch is independent of your iPhone

If you liked all this you should be aware of the new functions that will be added ;)

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Ivan Aguirre