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Redefine your way to play a pickleball game and unleash a better version of yourself with PicklePro! 

Have you ever wondered about having a personalized pickleball coach? PicklePro allows you to track workout stats and level up your pickleball game. Moreover, you can organize your tennis pickleball drills in real time with smart options.
The pickleball scoring app allows you to manage teams and add new matches to enjoy competitive sports. It enables you to log and check the analytics of each paddle ball match. Besides, you can also unveil vital workout stats, including calorie count, heart rate, and pulse rate. 
These precedented features of this pickleball scores app offer a white-glove experience to worldwide users. They can even get information of all game events and the duration of each game. Amazingly, you can integrate your pickleball drills with your Apple Watch.
Introduce innovative strategies to your paddle and ball game for ultimate performance!

Pickleball Scores
Primarily, PicklePro helps to know pickleball scores for each match. You can meticulously record your scores because this app works smartly. Moreover, this pickleball scorekeeper enables you to understand your actual performance and take steps for betterment. 

Match Stats
Using the pickleball scoring app assists you in tracking your pickleball match events between the duration. Also, you can enhance your focus on the game without distractions. Detailed game statistics make you insightful and a good performer.

Fitness Metrics
PicklePro turns you into a pickleball pro by maintaining your fitness log. This app allows you to count burned calories, heart rate, and other workout stats. Apart from fun, it's a great way to improve your health.

- Interactive and user-friendly interface
- Pleasant display with supreme-quality options 
- Track your Pickleball scores and match events
- Fitness log with average heart rate and calories
- Easy integration with an Apple Watch
- Matches synced to all your devices
- Widgets for your home, lock screen and Apple Watch

Reach your Pickleball fitness goals with your personal pickleball diary!

Your feedback is invaluable to us. As a small indie team, we're committed to making PicklePro the best it can be, and your positive reviews help us achieve that. Got suggestions or questions? Don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected].

We are always on the lookout for help from translators. If you would be interested in translation please reach out to [email protected].

Access to PicklePro features requires a monthly/yearly subscription.
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