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Pickleball Referee Timer

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Pickleball Referee Timer

This watchOS app provides timers for common time intervals required by Pickleball referees. Tap on any of the listed time intervals and it will start a count-down timer for the duration of that event. When the timer reaches zero, a completion alert/haptic will sound. Shortly later, the view will return to the main list. There is no need to stop or reset the timer after the alarm which leaves the referee free to restart the game.

The list includes a 15 second warning, 1 minute time-out, 2 minutes between games, 5/6/8 minutes to start a match, 10 minutes for a new match for those who prefer that approach, and 15 minutes for a medical time-out. The 1-minute, 2-minute, and 5/6/8-minute timers also give an alert when 15 seconds remain and will continue the countdown to zero. The 10 minute and 15 minute timers give an alert when 1 minute remains and will continue the countdown to zero.

The referee can tap the "Stop" button at any time to indicate an early end of the time interval and return to the list of available intervals. There is no need to reset the timer.

The time interval from match called to start of play can be set to 5, 6, or 8 minutes based on the tournament director's preference. Hold your finger on the display (any of the list items) for 3-4 seconds and you get a new window where you can scroll through the choices of 5, 6, or 8 minutes depending on the tournament director's preference -- simply drag your finger up or down in the window which has the time numbers. The press the "Set Time" button to save that value for the duration of the tournament. Only one of 5/6/8 will show in the list of intervals to avoid hitting the wrong item by accident.

The timer will remain in the foreground as long as the countdown continues. Do not tap the crown of your watch while a timer is active (which returns the watch to a normal watch face). This puts the Pickleball Referee Timer in the background and you might not receive an alert when the timer reaches zero.

Be sure to fully charge your watch prior to extended use.
William Ooms