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Finding the right movie or show to watch can be hard, even more so when you are in a group.

PickaFilm makes things a lot easier by letting you veto the genres you don't want to watch, prioritize the ones you prefer and add lots of practical filters like release year intervals, members of the crew, tags and much more. You can also watch the trailers and details of the suggested titles within the app, so that you don't need to be going back and forth between apps to make a decision.

What's more, PickaFilm keeps track of the movies and shows you watched and those you don't find interesting, so that its suggestions get better with time.

App Features:

MOVIE DISCOVERY: Find what to watch next based on your current needs and preferences. Swipe right on the properties you'd like the movie to have and swipe left on those you'd like to veto.

TV DISCOVERY: Just like it works with movies, PickaFilm can help you discover new, interesting TV shows to watch based on your preferences.

WHERE TO WATCH IT: Now you can see if a specific movie or TV show is currently streaming in one of the main streaming services. The amount of streaming service availability information may change based on your region.

WATCHING MODES: PickaFilm takes into account if you want to watch something with your family, friends or alone; allowing the suggestions to be more or less based on your previous personal preferencess and filtering them based on the target audience.

CUSTOM WATCHLISTS: Don't have time to watch a movie or show right now? No worries! Add it to Watch Later or create a custom watchlist so that when the perfect moment to watch something comes, you'll always know what to watch.

APPLE WATCH: Quickly access your watchlists from your Apple Watch. No need to reach for your iPhone.
Gonzalo Morales